Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara is definitely Kenyas most popular tourist attraction. The Mara had become the country’s most visited park or reserve because of the amount of game within a fairly small area. Here you have the best chance of seeing a leopard or cheetah, and youre sure to see lions, elephants, buffalo, giraffe, hyena, and many types of ungulates, such as impala, Thomsons gazelle, topi, and hartebeest. The annual migration of wildebeest is an extraordinary sight, where millions of the animals move in from the Serengeti in July and August.

The only draw-back of the Maasai Mara is that it is too crowded with tourists. You literally cannot look anywhere without seeing a white Nissan filled with other travelers. Game is located by finding the groups of tourist vehicles, some times up to 20 or more surrounding one cheetah or lion. It detracts from the experience making you feel like youre in a zoo without cages. Still, theres nowhere in Kenya where you can see this many animals with so little effort.

Most visitors that visit the Mara have booked trips with a travel company. There are many companies that offer different deals.

Most are 2 or 3 nights, with two or more game drives in the park a day. Prices for a tented camp safari average about US$ 200 per person for the trip (price can be change), including meals and lodging in tents. Gametrackers and Lets Go Travel are two companies which can give you a good safari for a decent price. Their contacts are at the beginning of the National Parks section.

There are many upper-end deals as well, where youll stay at very expensive resort hotels or tented camps. There are more than a dozen such resorts, some inside the park boundaries. If youve booked your safari with a tourist company, youll have no choice where you stay. If you have your own vehicle and a lot of money, you have several options.

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