Macau is a wonderful city to stroll around. If youre feeling energetic you could walk to almost all of its sights in one single day (the entire territory covering 7 sq mi/17 sq km). We loved the feeling we got roaming the hilly winding streets and the back alleys. Although the European-style architecture and plazas are unusual for this part of the world, you would never mistake Macau for Lisbon.

The territorys most famous landmark is the Church of Sao Paulo (circa 1600). All that remains is the facadethe rest of the church was destroyed by fire in 1835. However, its worth climbing the imposing set of stairs to view the ruins up close, especially at night when the lit-up city is spread out below. Farther on, another set of stairs leads to the Citadel of Sao Paulo do Monte where you can still see the cannon that helped repel the Dutch invasion of 1622. The view of the city and countryside is fantastic.

If time permits, visit the temple of the Goddess A-Ma as well as Lin Fong Temple. Then see the old Protestant cemetery where early non-Catholic settlers and traders are interred (an ancestor of Winston Churchill is buried there). Visit the Lou Lim Ioc garden, but only if youre not going to see any of the large formal gardens in China. Restoration Row in northern Macau is an interesting area of 1920s buildings restored by the government. Take a walk down the Praia Grande to see some of the older buildings including Government House and the Macau Governors Residence (built in 1849).

At night the main entertainment revolves around casinos jai alai and horse racing. Its also possible to make day trips into China by passing through Macaus symbol the ‘Barrier Gate’.

Jai alai has now been banned as it is too dangerous.

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