MacRitchie, Peirce & Seletar Reservoirs

The three reservoirs are popular sites for family outings and picnics as they provide a quiet respite to the hustle and bustle of city living. Surrounded by broad swamps, jungles and greenery, these reservoirs run through the central northern parts of Singapore, providing a serene backdrop to the cityscape.

Over 100 hectare of primary forest still flourishes around MacRitchie Reservoir. Rubber trees, remnants of the plantations there in the 19th century, can still be seen along the fringes around MacRitchie.
The best way to see the forest is to go on the walking trails that wind through it. Ranging from distances of 3km to 11km, each of the five routes offers different hiking experiences and unique views of the tranquil forest.

MacRitchie Walking Trails
Route 1 (Green) about 1.5-hour walk Trail grade: Easy
Route 2 (Purple) about 2-hour walk Trail grade: Easy
Route 3 (Blue) about 4 to 5-hour walk Trail grade: Moderate to difficult
Route 4 (Yellow) about 4-hour walk Trail grade: Moderate
Route 5 (Pink) about 4 to 5-hour walk Trail grade.

You can also choose to follow a volunteer guide on a tour along the MacRitchie Prunus Trail. This boardwalk skirts the edge of the reservoir and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding forests and a glimpse into the freshwater wildlife that inhabits this spot of nature. If youre lucky, you might catch a sight of the white-breasted fish eagle, or the flying lemur amongst the greenery!

To complete your experience at the MacRitchie Reservoir, there are also jogging tracks, exercise area, playground, tea kiosk and fountain. On most Sundays, entertainment is provided by local school bands or orchestras. Check local newspapers for time of performances.

Recreational facilities like paddle boating and golf are available at Upper Seletar and sport fishing at Lower Seletar.



MacRitchie: off Lornie Road
Upper Seletar: off Mandai Road
Lower Peirce: off Upper Thomson Road
Lower Seletar: off Yishun Avenue 1

Getting There
MacRitchie: Take SBS Transit bus 132 or SMRT bus 167 from Orchard Road
Lower Peirce: Take SMRT bus 167 from Orchard Road
Upper Seletar: Take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station (NS16) then board SBS Tranit bus 138 .
Lower Seletar: Take the MRT to Yishun Station (NS13) then take SMRT Bus 851, 852, 853, 854.


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