Makung always set for the beautiful island in Taiwan. Makung is a wonderful city that is a county seat of Penghu in the Taiwan Province in Taiwan. Makung in Taiwan is located on the western part of the main Pescadores Island.

The pleasant city of Makung is an offshore island lying east of Taiwan. The city has many historical sites that traces back to the Ming Dynasty. Makung is the Second Naval District and it has a base for the attack squadrons, training facilities and a naval shipyard.

Makung is a part of the Penghu or the Pescadores islands that again include 64 islands of different sizes located in the Taiwan Straits. Makung has a lovely coastline and gigantic basalt rock formations.


The earliest temple in the country to the Goddess Matsu is found in Makung. It is for this reason that Makung is also known as Magong Ao or Matsu Palace Seaport.

For the tourists and travelers, Makung serves as a great spot for fishing and other water activities.


The city of Makung has the domestic Makung Airport that serves as the main mode of transportation in Makung.

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