Malaysia Beaches

Malaysia has thousands of beaches from the powdery sand beach found on the east coastline of the peninsula to the black sand beach of Pantai Pasir Hitam and the smooth pebble beach of the Pantai Batu Kerikil. Malaysia Beach Tours offer the scope to explore such fabulous beaches. There are more idyllic locales that could be found in Malaysia than one expects in one’s lifetime.

Along with the innumerable beaches, the coastline of Malaysia also possess more than hundreds of tropical islands. Some of the islands are extremely beautiful like the islands of Langkawai or the Pulau Tioman. These islands remain desert isles or have the South China Sea making their imprints on them. In spite of such abundance, the beaches are very different from that of other beaches of the world. The beaches are nestled up among the lush forests for which Malaysia is famous. There are golden sands to be found in the Malaysian beaches and the air has an indolent sweetness to it, not found in the western worlds.

These make the Malaysia Beach Tours sensationally different, having a sense of languid peace and there is a different feeling as the division between sea and land is a smooth change. The beaches of Malaysia have a steady flow of tourists from the world over throughout the year. To cater to this increased tide of tourists, there are many types of accommodation available for the tourists. One will find budget hotels as well as five star accommodations near the beaches. There are also many travel packages offered by many travel agents as well as hotels.

The beaches of Malaysia are not only famous for its natural beauty but also provide enough entertainment facilities. The beaches provided many beach activities and sports like swimming. Fishing, surging, boating, sailing and snorkeling. There is a wide array of eating facilities available at the beaches. In fact, it is a gourmet’s exploration at the beach. One can savor cuisines from around the world.

There are many nightclubs and DJ pubs in the beaches of Malaysia and night-crawlers will never be devoid of turning their nights into a memorable night.