Malbork is a town in northern Poland in the Zulawy region. It is the capital of Malbork County. The town was built in Prussia around the fortress Ordensburg Marienburg which was founded in 1274 on the east bank of the river Nogat by the Teutonic Knights. Both the castle and the town of Marienburg (rendered in Polish as Malborg or Malbork) were named for their patron saint, the Virgin Mary. This fortified castle became the seat of the Teutonic Order and Europe’s largest Gothic fortress.


The Teutonic Castle in Malbork is registered in the UNESCO list of the World Heritage and is the biggest brick-built Gothic castle in the world. The fortress was built in the XIIIth century by the Teutonic knightly order.

The castle owes its opulent splendor to the exploitation the amber trade. The Teutonic state in modern day Russia (East Prussia) controlled one of the richest amber regions in Europe. The castle is perhaps one of the most breath-taking in Europe and its colour and location make it unique. The castle may be only be visited by guided tour with tickets available at the ticket office outside. Tours are given in many languages, but Polish language tours are naturally a little cheaper. The castle grounds and interior boast a wonderful selection of art, medieval artifacts and architecture and the fortress as a whole has a wonderful atmosphere, practically transporting you back to the middle ages.