The beautiful and unspoilt historic Spice Islands of Maluku have great beaches, old forts and good diving.

Ambon is the main gateway to southern Maluku, where the Banda islands are the most popular tourist destination with their colonial architecture, great coral reefs and active volcano. The Kei Islands to the South-East have the best white-sand beaches in all Maluku, if not the World! Closer to Ambon, the Lease Islands have more colonial relics and fine beaches, while mountainous Seram offers great trekking possiblities and a scenic sea-side resort at Sawai.

The historic sultanate of Ternate, which has great volcanic scenery, is the gateway to North Maluku. It is easy to hop over to its neighbour Tidore, or to Halmahera, Maluku’s largest island with several active volcanos, crater lakes, and rainforests teeming with unique birdlife.

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