Mani is a region of Greece’s southern Peleponneses. It has a unique history, people, and architecture. Kalamata serves as the gateway to Mani, and is a good base for local exploration. Mani consists of two main regions, Exo Mani (Outer Mani) and Mesa Mani (inner Mani).


It is a land of stone towers, beautiful beaches, and rich history.

Outer Mani has the most tourist facilities, and has wonderful beaches, and is only a few miles outside of Kalamata. The road into Exo Mani is a mountain road, with all the great views, and exposed curves, that that normally implies.

Inner Mani is an arid and rough area of stone towered villages and long history. Areopolis is the major city of Mesa Mani, and is the place where the Greek war of Independence started. There is a statue in the main square of Mavromachalis Petrobey, who was the great hero of the war.

Mani is a region of stone towered villages, and of the old stonework roads (called kalderimi or kalderimia) which are so picturesque, and of deep history both modern and ancient.

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