The licence plate for Manitoba says Friendly Manitoba, and they mean it. From world-renowned attractions to out-of-the way attractions, Manitoba has everything and anything to offer the seasoned traveller.
Home to one of the world’s largest fresh water lake, Lake Winnipeg, just an hour north of the capital city of Winnipeg, boasts incredible fishing, skiing, hiking, boating and any other water recreational sport you can think of. Grand Beach, the premiere destination for sun-worshippers, can be found on this glorious lake, as well as numerous smaller beaches and piers. In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are favourite sports, as well as hockey, skating and snoboarding.

Take the train up to Churchill (a two-day trip across beautiful prairie) and see the polar bears, an incredibly popular destination. Or hike through the dozens of provincial and national parks located in Manitoba, including Bird’s Hill, Riding Mountain and the Whiteshell.

Or stay in many of the bed and breakfasts in the numourous prairie towns and see a sunrise like you’ve never seen before, or watch a wicked prairie thunderstorm.

Manitoba truly is a destination for the adventurous at heart.

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