Manono is a small island that takes only about 15-20 minutes on a boat. The island is small, no roads, no cars- you can walk around the whole island in about 1 and a half hours. People are very friendly, as long as you are respectful of their property and land. There are no restaurants on this island,so eat beforehand, or bring a meal. There are a few shops if you wish to buy snacks.

You can get a ferry from the main island to the island of Manono (the ferry piont is just 30 minutes from the airport and airport pickups can be aranged), a beautiful unspoiled tropical island surrounded by a blue lagoon, where no cars or dogs are alowed, so incredably peaceful too. It takes just a few hours to walk around the whole island on the grass-covered footpath that goes all around the island, passing through the small brightly coloured villages where the friendly people still have a traditional relaxed somoan lifestyle.

You can wander around the island in just a few hours or climb to the top to a monumental site where an anciet warrior is supposed to be buried standing upright to keep guard. There, you’ll also have a wonderful view of the whole island and the ones nearby which is fairly spectacular with the hot sunshine iluminating the tropical blue waters with waves breaking on the outer reef and lush green rainforest that covers the islands.