Manu Biosphera Reserve

Manu Biosphere Reserve, it is a broad territory between Cusco and Madre de Dios covering about 19137 sq. km (10% of the national territory). The scientific interest that awakens the Manu Park is based on its great diversity of flora and fauna species that is one of the biggest in the world and which is kept almost unchanged in millions of years of natural evolution. If you are looking for a real experience in nature observation this is the spot for you.

It is estimated that in Manu there are about 1000 species of birds, 200 different mammal species including 13 species of primates, 100 species of bats, etc. Moreover, over here is possible to easily find endangered species such as the Black Caiman and the Giant Otter. All those characteristics made the UNESCO recognize the Manu Park as a protected Biosphere Reserve.