Manzhouli is in the far North East of Inner Mongolia & is a main border crossing from China into Russia. Its a small, modern town that has seen itself develop dramatically over the last 10 years. The easiest way to get to Manzhouli is by train via Harbin(Hailongjang), a journey of 16 hours.

For a traveler visiting China the main attractions in Manzhouli are the Mongolian Grasslands which are easily accessible from the town. One of the main destinations for tourists is the famed Dalai lake which is about 30kms from the city. The lake has undergone some scrappy development in recent years but during summer months you can rent a yurt(or stay in a hotel) & enjoy the relative tranquility of the Mongolian country side.

Another interesting aspect of Manzhouli is the Russian culture that dominates the town. Many Russians come over the border to buy cheap Chinese goods & a result of this is there are a large number of Russian cafes, restaurants & bars. Russian language is widely spoken by the Chinese inhabitants.

Accommodation is also easily available & ranges from several hundred Yuan per night down to 40-60Y per night. The town is not really geared up for backpackers & information is scarce. The town is centred around a main square & with several avenues of shops & malls leading in all directions. If you want to visit the Grasslands or Dalai Lake you will need to hire a taxi & although the fares are negotiable they tend to be expensive.

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