Marib is located in the east of Yemen. High mountains, beautiful valleys, plains and desert are all nearby. The most important valley in Marib is Wadi Dhanah or Shebe Valley, in the banks of which flourished the Sabean dynasty, the foundation of Yemeni history.
Marib is the most famous ancient city in Yemen. The old city of Marib lies in the Sabean plains on the outskirts of the east Yemen desert Mafazet Saihad. Its strategic position lends itself to its important role in history, as it controlled the ancient incense routs. It was a meeting point for caravans coming from the Qana port on the Arabian Sea coast, crossing the Wadi Hadhramout.

Close to the city are many attractions, the most famopus being the Great Marib Dam. All of these can easily be seen as daytrips from the city.