Marina Bay Hotels

In the southern part of Singapore near the central area, a beautiful bay, Marina Bay welcomes you with an eternal and glitzy smile. This artificial bay fascinates everyone in the very first sight. Marina Bay is the centerpiece of redevelopment of city. This seamless extension of the city into the downtown is where you can explore; you can celebrate; you can feast your eyes on the natural beauty. Water in the bay and gardens nearby it offer multitude of avenues to relish your stay in one of the elegant Marina Bay hotels Singapore. The excellence lying in every element of the place will leave an eternal impression on you.

With the development of Marina Centre and Marina South areas, a large body of water was sheltered forming an artificial bay. The reclamation process led to the extinction of Telok Ayer Basin from the map and the water is collected in the bay with the direct flow of Singapore’s river into the bay instead of sea. You will also find a barrage under construction with a view to making a reservoir for drinking water. In order to relish this fascinating part of the city, you need to spend time over here and for that nothing can be better than Marina Bay hotels Singapore.

This area’s development is mainly attributed to development in nearby area of Marina Mall in the reclaimed area of Marina South. If you are fond of variety of food, come here relish the palatable ones. The grand development of Marina Bay began this year and would be the spot for the formula one race.