Marine Life in Kiribati

The marine life in Kiribati is varied and is surely one of the most interesting parts of the Kiribati tours. All the travelers coming here make it a point to have a look at the varied and colorful marine life in Kiribati as it is a scene which you would hardly find elsewhere. The Kiribati island nation boasts of around 33 islands all of which have their distinguishing features. All the travelers find it very interesting to go on sightseeing in Kiribati Island as they will get to see a wide variety. Some of the most frequented islands include Tarawa, Kirimati and the Outer Islands.
The marine life in Kiribati boasts of an underwater sea-world which is still unexploited to some extent. You will get to see an abundance of unspoilt marine life in the seas surrounding the island groups and the richest marine life can be seen in the waters of the Phoenix Islands and the Line. The rich reserve of marine life has not only attracted the global travelers but has also become a subject of research for the scientists.
The New England Aquarium team of scientific divers have gone down in the deep blue waters of the sea surrounding the Kiribati Islands and explored the hidden treasures. They have come across new species of marine life which according to them are good subjects for research. Many research teams have taken the time to actually go down to explore what is stored deep down where not everyone can visit. The earth’s last pockets of primal ocean is found in the seas surrounding the island nation of Kiribati and it is here that the under-water have remained unspoilt by human intrusions as long as one can remember. If you want to know more about the exploration of the New England Aquarium team of scientific divers then you can go through the February 2004 issue of the National Geographic Magazine which has the title cover page named as- ‘Great Whites of the North. While you are holidaying in Kiribati check out the marine life in Kiribati while you go for scuba diving deep down within the sea but be sure to take an expert guide along with you.