Just south of the equator, the Marquesas Islands are the furthest islands from any continent and are a 3.5 hour flight from Tahiti. Jagged volcanic mountains jut imposingly out of the sea and waves crash against cliff faces. However, the islands are also lushly forested, with an amazing range of flora.


Visitors will find plenty of sea and land based activities, including sailing, deep-sea fishing, hiking and horseback riding. They can watch artisans as they create unique works of art.

The islands also have a fascinating archaeological attraction, with ancient ruins and giant tiki, carved in rock like their Easter Island ‘neighbours’.

The island of Hiva Oa, with its deep valleys and lush plateaus covered in dense forest, is popular with ‘yachties’. It is home to the graves of artist Paul Gauguin and singer Jaques Brel. Ua Pou island’s dramatic skyline gives it the name ‘The Pillars’ and Ua Huka is known for its range of wildlife – flowers, herbs, birds and sealife. It also has some interesting archaeological sites that include petroglyphs and tiki. Fatu Hiva is known for its unique carving.


Although there are no hotels, there are some small pensions and home stay accommodation.

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