Marshall Island Handicraft

Marshall Island handicraft artists use the material that nature provided to craft beautiful gifts and decorations for an island style home.
Shells collected from the beach are used for necklaces and handmade jewelry as well as traditional headbands.
The long distances between islands and the low elevation of the land presented a challenge for early Marshall Islanders. The wave formations provided the clue to the direction of the next island. This information was passed on through stick charts constructed with thin strips of pandanus wood and cowry shells to show ocean patterns and islands or atolls.
Marshallese woven craft have come to be known as the best in the Pacific. Fans, baskets, mats, ornaments, and the kili bag (made famous by Jackie Onassis) all come from the Marshalls and continue to win tremendous praise for their unique and highly intricate designs. Many creative forms of this time-honored craft can be seen in the more modern handicrafts.

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