Marshall Islands – Before you travel

The Marshall Islands are a nation of emerald-green atolls and beautiful islands. The islands cover nearly a million square miles of coral atolls and deep blue ocean.

With over 800 species of fish and 160 species of coral, the diving possibilities are endless. Water sports play a big part of everyday life on the islands. Sport fishing, snorkeling and diving are just a few of the activities popular in the Pacific. Divers have the opportunity to enjoy virgin diving along the deep walls and coral reefs of Arno and Rongelap.

Or if you prefer your beauty above the ocean, find a shady spot on the white sand beaches and simply reflect on the peace of the ocean. Escape to the outer islands, where life is serene and untouched by modern life. Take a picnic trip to a small island on the edge of a peaceful lagoon.

Accommodations range from small bed and breakfasts to luxury island resorts. Experience the ocean breezes as you drift to sleep in a traditional thatched bungalow, or feel the waves rock you to sleep upon a live-aboard dive boat.

You haven’t experienced the Pacific until you have visited the 24 atolls of the Marshall Islands. Relaxation is guaranteed.