Marshall Islands: Money & Costs

By international standards, travel in the Marshalls is relatively cheap, though by those same standards you’ll be getting what you pay for. Most accommodations tend toward the austere (with the exception of Majuro, where food choice is great for the Pacific) and there’s not a whole lot to splurge on, food-wise, even if you wanted to. Restaurants don’t exist outside the major atolls, and official hostelries are almost as scarce. Budget travellers should just be able to get by on US$50.00 per day, but that doesn’t leave much room for things like scuba diving and island hopping. You’ll have more fun if you plan on spending closer to US$100.00 daily.
There are banks in all the major tourist areas and credit cards are becoming more widely accepted on Majuro only, which also has a couple of ATMs. Neither tipping nor bargaining is customary in the Marshall Islands, though the barter system is sometimes beneficial when looking for a place to stay or eat or a ride to a particular destination.

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