Hidden along the Michoacan coast, lies the small town of Maruata. It’s relative obscurity and lack of mainstream accommodations leaves it to those of a more adventurous spirit. A favorite of backpackers, campers and Mexican students, Maruata caters to a younger, adventuresome group. There is a convenience store that sells some food items, but don’t rely on it for anything specific. Much of the food spoils rapidly in the warm, humid climate.


Maruata has two main beaches, the main sheltered beach that looks out onto a small bay, and a smaller beach surrounded by weathered rock monoliths. The latter beach has no breakwater for the large pacific rollers, which break directly on the beach. The main beach is a famed sea turtle nesting site. Indeed, there is a turtle sanctuary that is adjacent to the tiny town, about 2 miles down the beach. The sanctuary works to prevent the poaching of turtle eggs.


There is no direct bus service to Maruata. One must take the bus to Lazaro Cardenas and inform the driver that you wish to stop at Maruata. From there, you must then take a short walk (less than a mile) to the beach, passing through town and through the small stream.

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