Masirah Island

Not really too much to do here, as it’s an island off the coast of Oman. Many rocks and camels, but some pretty nice beaches. This depends on what you are looking for. It is a windsurfing, geologist, but also a Landrover Paradise.

It is very nice place for camping and coast fishing and diving. you can play any sea sport and the weather is very good compared to other gulf costs. the most important thing don’t relay on shops for sport equipments. every thing else is avaliable. you’ll see no body.

To get to Masirah Island. You do need a four wheel drive to explore the deep sandy isalnd. With new tarmac roads now alsmost circumnavigating the island, even that is not needed anymore. You can camp anywhere, but there is one inexpensive hotel in town and a big 5 star one almost finished being built. The 5 star is 13 min. out of town and if arriving at night get clear directions.


The Ferry is wonderful and regular. Dependent on tides Perhaps, but more so on the wather and traffic. A ferry leaves either when it is full or the one from the other side arrives.

If you miss the ferry and you don’t want to sit around waiting for the tide. Be prepared to either pay 2 OMR per person to get over to the Island by speedboat, while your 4whd or car sits waiting 5-6 hours for the tide to come in. You will leave your keys in the ignition. And pick it up at the other end.

The one way journey is about 10 OMR for a vehicle (April 2006).

Good restuarants on the island. Don’t count on eating in the hotels..better to eat out. Ask for the new Egyptian restuarant..yum. You can eat and sit and watch movie size screen TV, usually football..LOL.

Supplies, try the ICE FACTORY for ice. And the Petrol station for juice, milk, cans of tuna, maybe fruit…. there are a few food shops in town. But the selection seemed limited at time of writing this.

Fuel up. Once you leave the centre, there are no petrol stations. But hard to imagine running out of fuel on this small island.

Huge massive waves great for surfing …4 -5 footers…min. Big fish jumping thru the waves while you body surf. Be careful. This is the single strongest riptide and surf I have ever experienced. Weak swimmers do not venture out far, or alone ever. The kind of rip which pulls off your swimming costume !

The people…perfect. All Bedouin- All the Time. Really kind, and helpful.

If the police stop by your camp site offer them a soft drink or juice, or if you are eating ALWAYS offer to share your food. This is the custom. And if you don’t it will look bad on you.

Simple place but that is what is so special about it. Plus the BEDOUINS. They make it the good place it is. Enjoy and respect all spieces.