Mawar Gallery

The first of its kind in Malaysia, the gallery showcases the ‘Gracious and Famous Ladies of Johor’.

This permanent gallery is to honour the gracious and famous ladies of Johor, who have contributed immensely to the knowledge and achievements of Johor.

Portraits of all past Sultanahs of Johor since 1886 until the present day, as well as ladies of the Royal Family and grand ladies of Johor are displayed here.

It serves as a tribute to ladies from all walks of life and professions, and as honour to their great achievements contributing to the growth and excellence of Johor.

Housed in a building about 100 years old, the gallery is an amazing achievement towards the recognition of women in Johor.

Key Tips
The logo of Galeri Mawar, illustrated by YAM Raja Zarith Sofia, has been adapted from her original painting of the Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Accommodation Overview
There are several accommodations to suit every budget in Johor city.


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