Mexico Spa Vacations An Uncommon Romance

Exotic yet close, Mexico has long been a favorite destination of couples. We flock to its beaches, archaeological treasures, and luxury resorts. And now we’re discovering Mexico is ideal for a spa vacation as well. An experience that can soothe the mind, pamper the body, and elevate the spirit, a romantic spa getaway provides an uncommon setting for lovers to reconnect.
From the West Coast, easy-to-reach Mexico spas dotting the Pacific coastline are a close hop from many California cities. Cancun and other Gulf of Mexico retreats are within short flying distance of the East Coast. Thanks to frequent air service to Mexico City, inland retreats are reachable from anywhere in the states within a few hours.
What’s more, even last-minute travel arrangements — whether you two can afford to escape for an extended weekend, a week, or longer — are easy to make and surprisingly affordable.
The Right Spa for You – The cultural and geographic diversity of Mexico’s spas enables visitors to choose one to match health goals as well as vacation preferences. Locations range from modern waterfront properties to historic colonial centers to sophisticated international cities, all of which boast a warm and sunny climate.
The sensual pleasures of a spa vacation- the bliss of a beachfront herbal massage for two…the spiritual energy of an ancient pyramid…the utter relaxation of bathing in warm turquoise waters…the purifying steam of a Temazcal ritual are among the extraordinary delights a romantic spa vacation in Mexico delivers.
What’s more, spa getaways let you immerse yourself in the spirit and culture of Mexico. The music, fiestas, cuisine, and warmth and hospitality of the Mexican people combine in an experience that imbues couples with a renewed feeling of well-being.
Whether your goal is to achieve a healthier lifestyle, de-stress and kick back in a glorious climate, experience a new culture, challenge yourselves through a series of outdoor adventures, or simply pamper your bodies, there’s a Mexican spa for you. What’s more, you can expect to find a high level of professional service, safety, and security; hospitality and friendliness are part of the culture.

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