Mexico’s Natural Wonders

Mexico is an ideal destination for appreciating nature. From the Monarch Butterfly Reserves of Michoacan and excellent opportunities for birding in Oaxaca or the Yucatan Peninsula to whale watching in Baja California, Mexico offers plenty to entice nature lovers.
Monarch Butterfly Reserves – Every year millions of Monarch butterflies undertake a great journey of over 3000 km in their annual migration from Canada and the United States to their wintering grounds in California and Mexico. You can visit the monarch butterfly reserves in the states of Mexico and Michoacan to see the butterflies between November and March.
The Yucatan Peninsula – Situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the Yucatan Peninsula comprises the Mexican states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo. With world-famous archaeological sites, enchanting colonial cities, romantic haciendas and resorts, beautiful beaches and distinct cuisine, the Yucatan Peninsula is a great vacation destination.
The Peninsula is a vast, flat limestone shelf with a thin layer of topsoil. There are few lakes and rivers are mostly subterranean. The porous limestone of the area has created cenotes which are the main source of water for the area. The Yucatan’s low elevation and tropical climate makes for hot and humid weather most of the year.
The Yucatan Peninsula is paradise for beach lovers! Beaches on the Caribbean coast have white sand and astonishing blue turquoise water.

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