Mieres is a Municipality of Asturias, Spain. It is a municipality of about 50,000 inhabitants, is an example of working-Spain, far from the sunny vacation destination typically associated with Spain. It is the heart of the coal mining industry and the financial backbone of Asturias. Mieres is located along the banks of the Rio Caudal(Caudal River) and route 66 in a small valley in the center of Asturias. Mieres has a hodgepodge of small museums, cultural centers, art galleries and numerous restaurant-bars, boutiques and shops. The highest concentration of shopping is located along calle Manuel Llaneza and the pedestrian mall on calle La Vega. On market days, the city market, the Mercado de Mieres and nearby streets are filled with vendors and Gypsies selling a wide variety of products, most especially food and textiles. Some of Mieres main gathering places are the Catholic church of San Juan de Bautista, adjacent to the Plaza de Requejo (Cider Square) popular for al fresco dining; the Parque Jovellanos (Jovellanos Park) for relaxing, sports and the evening paseo; and the plaza at the Ayuntamiento de Mieres (City Hall Plaza) for festivals and cultural gatherings. Mieres most popular and important festival La Hoguera de San Juan (St. John’s Bonfire) occurs every June 24th’s eve, and is high-lighted by a huge bonfire, cultural events, live concerts, fire works and great quantities of al fresco food and libations. Another important festival is the Folixa na Primavera, in April, in which you can have a good time listening to celtic music from all over celtic countries and a bit of cider, the most typical Asturias’s drink. Parking is a serious problem in Mieres as it is in much of urban Spain and therefore walking, taxi, bus, and regional rail lines ( FEVE and RENFE RENFE Cercanias) are the preferred means of transportation to and around Mieres. But now, you can park in the Mayacina.

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