Miri is an oil town located on the northern coast of Sarawak. Was once home to a large western expatriate community working for Sarawak Shell, Petronas Carigal and associated contractors. This led to the establishment of a lively bar and nightclub scene during the oil boom years. The town hopes to achieve city status by 2005 and there have been a lot of significant infrastructure developments over the last few years.
A favourite weekend spot for Brunieans who take the opportunity of finishing work early Friday to head over the newly opened Baram bridge to spend their petrodollars in the shopping malls and entertainment venues, Miri is a vibrant town with much to offer for Borneo residents.
For eco-tourists it is the gateway to the famous Mulu Caves and the rainforests of Central Sarawak. A good starting point from which the ethno-tourist can fly to the highlands of Bario and meet the friendly indigenous Kelabit people.
Good roads also allow the possibility of driving all the way through Sarawak to Kuching although a 4WD is a must.
Several good hotels are available for the visitor and the Mega Hotel is highly recommended.