Miskolc is the third biggest city in Hungary after Budapest and Debrecen. Miskolc, city in northeastern Hungary, capital of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County, located on the Sajo River at the mouth of the Szinva River. The city lies at the eastern foot of the Bukk Mountains in a pass called the Miskolc Gate.

The history of Miskolc, the descendants of the ancient settlement which was formed at the foot of the Avas Hill, along the two brooks called Szinva and Pece flowing into the river Sajo, can be traced back to paleoanthropic cultures where man’s earliest implements were carved from stone and bone.


The Szeleta Cave near by Lillafured and other caves in the Bukk Mountains have preserved not only the memories, but also traces of the hard life of man in pieces of clothing and finely worked clasps. At the top of the Avas Hill Neolithic tools were found.

The Avas is a hill (234 m / 780 ft) in the heart of Miskolc. On the hilltop stands the Avas lookout tower, the symbol of the city. On the northern part of the hill, close to downtown Erzsebet Square, is the Gothic Protestant Church of Avas, one of the two oldest buildings of Miskolc (the other is the Castle of Diosgyor.) The limestone caves of Avas are used as wine cellars; the narrow, winding streets give a Mediterranean atmosphere to this part of Avas Hill. The southern part of Avas, also called Avas-South, is where the largest housing estate of the city stands, with 10 storey Socialist-style concrete buildings providing homes for about one-third of the city’s population.

The 13th century Diosgyor Royal Castle, which was accomplished and magnificently developed in the 15th century, became the centre of the Royal Estate including Miskolc. A Pauline Monastery, which was the only one of a Hungarian foundation dating back to the time of the Arpad dynasty, used to stand in Diosgyor.

Wooden Church – It is a church in Miskolc, Hungary. It is built of carved wood. The present building was built in 1999 in place of the previous one that was destroyed by arson in 1997.

Beside these there are some other attraction too like Palace of Music, Greek Orthodox Church, Otto Herman Museum, Gothic Protestant Church of Avas Hill etc.

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