Moheli Laka Lodge is a small holiday village in the middle of the National Marine Park. We can accommodate you in one of our 10 double rooms that are grouped in 5 bungalows or in a holiday house with a two-room apartment and a large suite, each with a terrace and a fully equipped bathroom. The rooms are well ventilated and covered with thatched roofs. Each room is equipped with running water and electricity. For up-standard accommodation, we provide a two-room apartment in a separate villa at the edge of the beach as well as a separate large suite. All our rooms have direct access to the beach and are in walking distance of the restaurant and the Whale Bar that sits on the top of the peninsula and gives you the greatest panoramic views on the lagoon and the isles.

The National Marine Park of Moheli has a rich and exceptional variety of animals and plants. The Livingstone bat which are giant fruit eating bats with a span of up to 1,5 m and the Maki, the Comorian lemurs, are endemic species of Moheli. The entire area south of Moheli is a natural reserve, recognized since 1994 by the United Nations Environmental Programme as National Marine Park. The entire zone is now protected including the coral reefs, the giant sea turtles, the great dugong, and other Cetacea. For all these excursions we cooperate closely with local associations and guides that are well trained in issues dealing with bio-diversity. The main attractions are to observe the laying of eggs by the giant sea turtles at night and in the early morning hours, to observe and swim in all safety with the giant humpback whales of which approximately 1000 individuals visit the Comorian waters every year, to reproduce and educate their small ones, and, to observe the for Moheli endemic Giant Livingstone Bats

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