The Mon district of Nagaland, land of the Konyaks, offers the best opportunity for finding semi-traditional villages and tattooed warriors in loincloths. The main attraction in Monis to have glimpse of Tribal Life.The Mon district comprises of a hilly terrain with steep slopes. The only exception lies in the foothill regions. The district can be divided into two parts, the upper part consisting of the Longching, Chen, Mopong and Tobu area, while the lower region comprises of Mon, Tizit and Naginimora area. The foothills lie adjacent to the plains of Assam. Mon constitutes of a vast forest region, which is the habitat of various species of plant and animal. The Shingphan forest, the Wanching forest, the Tiru forest, Zankhum, Shawot, Chen, Yei, Monyakshu, Pessao, Yongkao and the Tobu forest are some of the forest in the Mon district. The vegetation of the district consists of a wide range of flora including the rare blue Vanda, White Orchid, Foxtail, Wild Lilies and other plants of great, edible, medicinal and botanical value. Among the fauna group you will find, elephant, tiger, spotted leopards, jungle cat, mithuns, hornbill, Patridge fowl, and the rare species of Tragopan, barking dear,mountain goats and wild boars and bears. The Mon has the densest landscape in Nagaland, and the plains of Assam can be delightfully viewed from high up in the hills.