Monastery in Daman

The Monastery, Daman refers to the Dominican Monastery that had been a seat of religious learning in the past. The monastery in Daman is one of the primary Daman attractions. The monastery hosts a religious mass on the third Sunday in the month of December to honor the venerable saint Dominic.

The Dominican Monastery at Daman was internationally reputed and attracted several priests from round the globe. It was a seat of learning and theological studies were conducted in the monastery for the catholics. Novice and veteran scholars visited the monastery. However, due to some mysterious reasons, the popularity of the monastery declined. Presently, only the ruinous remains of the Dominican Monastery stand in Daman. The altar of the monastery was beautifully decorated with floral motifs carved on stone.

The remains of the Dominican Monastery of Daman still retain the grandiosity of its earlier days. The religious site attracts several catholic visitors to Daman every year.

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