Mondorf is a medium-sized village just south of Bonn. From Bonn take bus number 550 from the Hauptbahnhof to Mondorf. The village is known for being the first city in continental Europe featuring rhubarb.


If you wish you taste authentic Rhineland cuisine visit the Gasthaus Borsch near Provincials. Here you can have excellent food, good drinks and all at reasonable prices. It also has a comfortable hotel.


Mondorf also features a beautiful cemitary behind the catholic church and is home to the infamous Konditorei Hausmann (just opposite from the church). Here youll get the best cakes and danish from the entire region. Further south you can find an old Jewish cemetary.

Another local attraction is the rhine ferry which brings you and your car or bike safely back to Bonn. Enjoy this short ride over the river Rhine and catch a last view over the roof tops of this gem of German villages.

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