Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble

Mongolian national song and dance academic ensemble, at first, was founded as variety concert center in 1945 and therefore, changed into State Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance in 1950. This was the basis of today’s Ensemble. In 2002, it was changed into the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble.

In the history of this Ensemble, there are rich and endless /inexhaustible/ heritages of ancient songs, music, dances and festivals among Mongolian nationalities.

The Ensemble has been enriching and developing the folk arts which were produced and inherited next generations by Mongolian so many ethnic groups for centuries, advertising them in homeland and over 100 foreign countries and making an important contribution to the event introducing Mongolia in the whole world.

The Ensemble, at first usually performed single concerts. But nowadays it has not only been performing Mongolian traditional folk art heritages but also performing the best classic and modern works composed by Mongolian and foreign famous artists. Even now it has been a big professional art organization playing famous works: historical play, ballets originated from folk literature and modern ballets etc.

It’s contribution to modern arts to protect and inherit the folk art inexhaustible heritages was evaluated highly and awarded a medal of labor honored Red Banner.

Today, the Ensemble is running its activities with 178 workers under 33 singers, over 60 musicians, under 40 dancers, contortionists, an artistic conductor, teachers, the staff, marketing staff and high professional skilled artists.

At this Ensemble, there are some art alliances are running their activities; Association of Mongolian Drawling songs, Association of Mongolian Huumii /throat singing/ Alliance of Folk Dance and Association of Folk short songs in Mongolian ethnic groups. All of these non-governmental organizations are led by the famous artists of the Ensemble.


Chinggis Khaan Avenue, Ulaanbaatar city – 44, Mongolia