Monkeyland is a free roaming multi-specie Primate Sanctuary. Basically what this means is that we have many different kinds of monkeys all living together in the forest. It is located on the Garden Route.


Monkeyland spans over an area of 12 ha and is situated in the pristine Tsitsikamma Forest. The forest is protected and all of the trees are indigenous to the area. The trees provide ample food for the primates, which enables them to forage freely in the forest. However the monkeys are still fed on feeding platforms that are scattered through the forest. It also allows you to ensure that the primates dietary needs are all being met and so we are confident that our primates are in a good healthy condition. The platforms form the basis to the diet and so prevent the monkeys from completely depleting all their natural resources. Allowing our forest to sustain the monkeys for a longer period of time.

Monkeyland aims to educate people about primates and to show that with a greater understanding of our primate cousins that we can all live in harmony. Not as owner and pet but instead from one free roaming primate to another.

Touching and feeding of the monkeys is strictly prohibited for the good of both the human and non-human primates.

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