Montanita is a small surfing village on the west coast of Ecuador. Montanita has developed in to a mecca of surf enthusiasts which come from all over the world to experience possibly Ecuadors best surfing location. The town is tiny and basically is only two streets filled with cafes, surf board renters, and vendors.

During the week, the town is somewhat quite with tourists drinking in the small cafes while not catching waves. The weekends fill up as party goers get ready for a few drinks at Montanitas only real bar is open. There is also a monthly full moon party which normally occurs on the saturday closest to the full moon a few miles down the road. During the full moon party weekend, Montanita is quite full of Ecuadorian tourists along with the international backpacker scene.

Designed for the international and ecuadorian tourist, Montanita is great place to get relax, surf, and drink. Its an easy place to spend a few days which can easily turn into a week or more.

Their are plenty of hostals down the two tourist streets. Recomendations include Casa del Sol (although thurs-sat night, their bar makes is quite loud to sleep through), Rcikys (for a laid back cheap place to stay), and my personal favorite, Charos (make sure to ask for their new rooms as they are a lot better than the older ones). Accomodation ranges from $3 USD for a dorm to $7 for a nice private room.

Warnings: The west coast of Ecuador does not get much sun during the north american summer months. The ATM in Montanita is notorious for running out of money on the weekends (the next closest one is an hours bus drive).

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