Monument of Martyrs

Monument of Martyrs also called Maqam Echahid in Algiers is a wonderful monument and is one of the must-see tourist attractions. This is an iconic concrete monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence. The monument was opened in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s independence. It is fashioned in the shape of three standing palm leaves which shelter the “Eternal Flame” beneath. At the edge of each palm leaf stands a statue of a soldier, each representing a stage of Algeria’s struggle. The monument is centrally located. The Martyrs Memorial is located on the heights of Algiers, in the municipality of El Madania, west of the Bois des arcades, east of the city Diar el Mahçoul and north of the plaza shopping center Riadh El Feth. It overlooks the neighborhood of Hamma (common Belouizdad) and the Experimental Garden of el-Hamma in the north. The monument has been erected on the site of an ancient military fort.

This is the symbol of the city. It is a magnificent structure that was built as a testimony to the brave spirit of the many people who laid down their lives for the independence of the country. The country was under French rule and these men had died while trying to obtain freedom from France. The structure might not be aesthetically beautiful but the massive proportions of the architecture are sure to impress. It is a striking structure and is visible from anywhere in the city.

The company Lavalin is responsible of the studies and construction of the monument. Several Algerian artists involved, like the painter Bashir Yelles, the calligrapher Abdelhamid Skander and the Polish sculptor Marian Konieczny. The completion of the work was a real technological challenge because of the constraints inherent to the geometry of the assembly, especially the curvature of the fins, the situation of the site at the edge of a steep cliff and high seismicity of the region. Pierre Lamarre, director of engineering and structural design, Claude Naud, expert planning and construction methods, along with Bashir Yelles, imagined a solution that proved itself decisive and innovative. Nine months (November 15, 1981 to July 5, 1982) were necessary to build this architectural work. The monument was inaugurated by the then President Chadli Bendjedid in February 1986.

Monument of Martyrs is a famous landmark in the city and many tourists visit Algiers to simply see the grandeur of the structure. You are sure to be awed by the impressive exterior of the monument.

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