Morocco: Money & Costs

Reckon on about US$80.00 – US$120.00 per day if you want to travel in comfort. Budget travellers prepared to camp or stay in hostels could happily survive on about US$40.00 . Getting around is relatively cheap and there are plenty of options. Although it can be unsafe in some areas, one of the cheapest (and most rewarding) forms of transport is cycling.

There’s a wide range of banks available for changing money and cashing travellers cheques and credit cards. Generally, it’s quick and easy with rates varying little from bank to bank. Probably the best of the banks is the Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur (BMCE). Cash advances on credit cards and ATM carry a charge of about 1.5%.

Tipping is expected in the fancier eateries. Around 10-15% of your bill is usual. A dirham or two should suffice at the more humble restaurants and cafes. A whole range of other services, some of which you may not notice or want, are also performed with the aim of pocketing a few dirhams. Remember that for many porters, guides, bus stop spruikers (a particularly pesky species of hustler endemic to Tangier) and the like, this is how they make a living. On the other hand, aggressive hustling shouldn’t be rewarded.
Currency of Morocco is Moroccan Dirham and Symbolized as ‘DH’.