Mount Emei

Mount Emei is located south of Chengdu, and covers a scenic area of one hundred & fifty four square kilometers. The highest peak, Ten Thousand Buddha Peak at an altitude of 3099 meters, is a popular tourist attraction in southwest China. Emei Mountain was listed in the Directory of World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1996.

The lofty, graceful and ancient natural landscape is famous for its long-term Buddhist culture, abundant resources of plants & animals, in addition to unique geology and physiognomy. It has been awarded many titles, such as Celestial Mountain & Buddhist Kingdom; Plant Kingdom, Animal Paradise, Geological Museum, and The top graceful mountain in the world.

At present, there are about three hundred Buddhist monks and nuns in the mountain, & nearly thirty temples including Baoguo Temple , Fuhu Temple , Heaven Toon Ground, Celestial Peak Temple , Elephant Bathing Pool, Hua Tibetan Temple in Golden Summit, and Ten Thousand Year Temple. The Buddha Statues in these temples are made of mud, wood, jade, copper, iron, and porcelain. The Buddhist music of Mt Emei is rich and varied with its unique style. Being one of the three main genres of Chinese martial arts, the martial arts of Mt. Emei is famous throughout the world.

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