Mount Longonot National Park

National Park – 52 Sq km – Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services

Mount Longonot, a young volcano which rises to 2,776m above sea level is an arresting sight for visitors to the Naivasha basin. Created amongst the massive eruptions which formed the Great Rift Valley, its sides now have beautiful V-shaped valleys and ridges with impenetrable forest around the area of the crater giving it a lush green aspect. The park surrounds the volcano.

Like Hells Gate, Mt. Longonot offers a wide range of attractions for visitors keen on activity holidays, including hiking, rock climbing, biking as well as bird and wildlife viewing. KWS rangers are available as guides. Longonot has no accommodation within the park, however the fabulous range of nearby hotels, lodges, luxury ranch and homestays around Lake Naivasha provide ample accommodation for all budgets.