Mountain Climbing in Taiwan

Taiwan as country is famous for it s mountains and all activities related to mountains are quite a big hit in the country. The best part about the whole affair is the fact that the mountains are not that tall enough to make somebody sick with the highest one being just about 4000 meters above sea level.
However it is best to take certain precautions since a mild form of altitude sickness might creep in, other than that people should be really wary of hypothermia which is really a big problem for climbers. To tackle the problem of hypothermia one should carry water proof and warm clothes.
The climate changes abruptly as one climbs, as the ascent starts at low altitude sub tropics but as one goes up, one has to experience temperate climate. Some of the mountain trails require a permit along with a registration from a certified mountaineering club, which though can be obtained without much of a hassle.
It is best to travel in a small group with a knowledgeable guide rather than going one ones own.
Some of the best places to climb are located in the Nantou country though majority of them has been destroyed in the huge earthquake which had Taiwan at the turn of the previous century.

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