Mountaineering in Italy

Italy is one of the renowned tourist destinations for travelers from all across the world. A visit to Italy gives travelers many different entertainment options.

In addition to sightseeing and shopping, tourists can enjoy varied Adventure Sports in Italy. There are different adventure sports in Italy depending on the likings and the preferences of the travelers. Of the different sports, Mountaineering in Italy is a favored choice for travelers. Mountaineering in Italy is a pleasurable experience for those who dare it.

Italy offers a plenty of options to all its tourists. There are many nice and beautiful spots that you can choose for mountaineering. You can enjoy mountaineering almost all round the year. But June to September is considered the best time. Some of the famous spots are Arimonde, Andonno, Vernante and Fultchi. These places offer almost 400 mountaineering routes. Gran Paradiso of Italy is one of the most popular places for mountaineers.

Gran Paradiso is the highest peak of Italy. The rugged landscape of the mountain is a real challenge for avid mountaineers. The Gran Paradiso is housed in the Parco Nazional del Gran Paradiso. It is the oldest natural reserve in Europe. You can enjoy climbing from 2 directions. Either avail the Rif Federico Chabod or the Rif Vittorio Emanuele II. get ready with your trekking shoes, carabiner, rope and helmets.

Mountaineering Schools –
There are many schools and instruction agencies in Italy that instruct mountaineers. Learn the basic of mountaineering to make your task easier. Some of the renowned schools are Alpineguide and Armin Fisher. Lean the fundamentals and strengthen your skills to make your dream come true.

Mountaineering Guides –
Mountaineering is a tough challenge. Even the most talented mountaineer can fall prey to unpleasant circumstances. So it always better to take guides along with you. There are many Mountaineering Guides in Italy. They are Alpineguide, British Association of International Mountaineering (BAIML) and Courmayeur Mountain Guide Company. There are specialists who guide climbers with necessary information.

Mountaineering Accommodation –
Mountaineers who want to experience true pleasure of the adventure can live in the beautiful mountain accommodation. Some of the names are Residence La Cascata, Verde Umbria and Canosta.