Mountaineering in Kashmir

Kashmir is much famous among adventure seekers just because of mountaineering. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast then Kashmir is the place for you. Apart from the scenic and natural beauty, the Kashmir valley also offers exciting adventurous holidays. The relief and terrain of Kashmir offers exciting opportunities for mountaineering in the state. Mountaineering as an adventure sports is fast catching up with the tourists coming to the Kashmir valley.

The small Himalayan peaks of Kishtwar are quite difficult to climb. The popular peaks of Kishtwar are Sickle Moon, Eiger, Brammah-I, Brammah’s Wife, Crooked Finger, Flat Top, Ca-thedral, Barnaj-I, Barnaj-II, Arjuna, Agyasol, Shivling, etc. Beside these The Nun-Kun Peak is considered one of the most challenging mountain range in Ladakh by the mountaineers. Apasaras, Chong Kumdan and Teram Kangri group are the well known peaks in Kashmir and in Ladakh.

For mountaineering in Kashmir, you need to take permission from the Government of India through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF).

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