Mountaineering in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Europe. It is blessed with glorious natural and architectural heritage. It is popular for its magnificent landmarks, and delectable cheese, Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates as well. Tourists can enjoy several activities in Switzerland and indulge in them as much as they would want to. Activities like shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, winter and summer sports and various excursions top the list. If you are adventure lover, you may enjoy various adventure sports here such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, diving and Mountaineering In Switzerland.
The Swiss Alps can be called as the paradise of Mountaineering In Switzerland. The entire Alpine region offers a great range of opportunities to the mountaineers. The Jura mountain ranges are ideal for this activity here. The highest mountains in Switzerland are 15,203 feet high Dufourspitze, 14,913 feet high Dom and 14,691 feet high Matterhorn. Adventure tours can be organized to these mountains. The Matterhorn is considered as one of world’s toughest peaks to climb. The Swiss Alps have a great influence on the climate and ecology of Switzerland.
The Matterhorn in Zermatt, due to its razor sharp silhouette, is the popular mountain in Switzerland. The nearby town Zermatt is crowded with the mountaineers who are eager to scale the Matterhorn. Due to its steep slopes, it is said to be one of the most difficult peaks to climb. Mountaineering in Switzerland is incomplete without trying the slopes of the Matterhorn.
Mt. Pilatus is located near Lucerne. It is famous destination for Mountaineering in Switzerland. The mountaineers can enjoy the spectacular views of the Swiss Alpine region including Lake Lucerne from the slopes and peak of Mt Pilatus. Its height is about 6,995 feet.
Jura is a long range of old limestone mountains. They are also good for rock-climbing other than Skiing and Hiking. Bernese Alps are the mountain ranges located on the border between the states of Valais and Berne. The most dominant mountains in Bernese Alps are the Eiger, Finsteraarhorn, Aletschhorn and Jungfrau. Switzerland Mountaineering is made comfortable with a little experience of climbing. Mountaineering in Switzerland has become extremely popular among the climbers from all over the world.

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