Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya at 5199 m is Africas second highest peak, next only to Mt. Kilimanjaro in nearby Tanzania. The mountain lies within the Mt. Kenya National Park, which is surrounded by the Mt. Kenya Forest. Trekkers from all over to world come to hike Mt. Kenya, which is famous for being one of the more challenging, yet beautiful mountains on the continent. The two highest peaks, Batian (5199 m) and Nelion (5188 m) can only be reached by climbers with technical skills. However, the third highest peak, Lenana (4985 m), can be reached by foot.

The Mt. Kenya area is home to the Kikuyu people and their close relatives, the Embu and Meru. The Kikuyu believed that their god and creator, Ngai, lived at the top of the mountain. Most Kikuyu today have adopted a more westernized Christian view, but the mountain is still an extremely important part of the Kikuyu culture.

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