Mt. Wutai

Located in the Wutai County, Mt. Wutai is one of the four China’s well-known Buddhist shrines and the only Chinese mountain mentioned in Buddhist scriptures. The mountain is called a cool platform due to its cool and pleasant climates even in the summer. It has been regarded as an ideal place for escaping summer heat since ancient times. Construction of the temples began in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) and last l,900 years. So far there remain a total of 76 temples, ranking first in China. The must-see are the Xiantong Temple, the Tayuan Temple, the Shifang Temple, the Pusading Temple, the Dailuoding Temple, the Guangji Temple, the Wanfo Pavilion, the Foguang Temple and the Nanchan Temple, etc. Each temple with different-dynasty styles has something to be recommended. The five peaks (platforms) of the mountain have outstanding natural scenery. Enclosed by them, the beautiful monastic village called Taihuai lies deep in an alpine valley, which is the center of Mt. Wutai’s Buddhist Religion. With splendid wooden architectural style of the ancient China, Taihuai’s 15 or so old temples and monasteries are a sampler of the many others dotting the surrounding mountainsides. The most amazing thing is the magical atmosphere surrounded the village, which is peaceful, quiet and elegant.

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