Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda, and an ecological jewel for all of East Africa. The mighty Nile River flows through the park, and tourists (after traveling over the extremely long and bumpy road to the park) are greeted with a myriad of wild animal sightings, including hippos, elephants, crocodile, giraffe, baboons, warthogs, and countless others. The actual waterfall is breathtaking, the whole Nile river crashing through a mere 6-meter-wide crevass in the mountainside. This park is a must-see for those traveling to Uganda.

It’s possible to take a 2 hour launch trip from below the falls up towards the ravine. There are tons of hippo and crocodile to see along the banks of the river. There are also several good hotels near the falls, situated in the middle of the Murchison Falls National Park. Flights into the area can be arranged from Entebbe. Travel by road can be dangerous through the park; there have been multiple isntances of armed robbery and many people prefer to travel by convoy through the park.

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