Museum of Natural History

When the first national museum was established in Mongolia in 1924, the base of natural historical museum was found by consisting the principal sections of the exhibitions with the choicest exhibitions of Mongolian Nature.
When the national central museum was located in present location in 1956, it has been enriching its exhibitions and expanded as a big natural department, which has various kinds of geographical, flora, fauna and paleontological exhibits.

The government Resolution, which to classify the museums in different fields like as the developed countries, was passed and the national central museum was abolished in 1991. Since 1992, a new museum was established in the place of national central museum with the purpose of being the leader natural central museum for the further development, getting foreigners enjoyed in international level, showing the geological history such as locations of planets and earth establishment and formations and show the biology characteristics of earth central zone and named as Museum of Natural History.

Natural history involves historical process of 4.7 milliard years of that is very long term from the origin of the world until the origin of plant, animal and human. Thus our museum shows the briefness of these events by exhibitions and contributes knowledge to peoples mind. The museum consists of:
– Mongolian geography, ancient volcanoes, stones from the volcanoes
– Earth origin, planet studying meteorites
– Geological history, useful resources, minerals
– Ancient and contemporary botany
– Land fauna /mammals, birds, fishes, insects, reptiles, amphibious/
– Very ancient plant and animals /paleontology/
– Human origin
Museum colleagues always enrich their treasures, exhibitions, renovate the exhibition halls and improve the museum settlement so that the museum became a big museum, which has the capable to attract foreign and domestic visitors.
The museum is one of the big museum of Mongolia that has the 40 halls with 2700 square meters, 12000 exhibits and more than over 50 thousand visitors visit to the museum each year and exhibition marshrut lasts about 1.5-2.0 hours.
The museum is studying and advertising museum, which introduces natural history, its appearance movements and developments to the audiences by theoretical and objects researching. The museum Ticket Price is the cheapest:
Natural history museum Mongolian. ., ., ., ., ., .. .

Time table:
Summer : 10.00am-17.00 pm daily in June -September
Winter : 10.00am-16.30 pm Tuesday-Monday holidays in October-May

Adults 2000
Elders and students 1000
Children 200
Preschool children free

Address: Ulaanbaatar. In the Behind of the Government house


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