Museums in Assam

It is important to understand that the government of India had imposed restrictions on the movement of foreigners in Assam for the last 60 years. With the subject of tourism often neglected, museums and other tourist attractions have lacked their fair share of development. This restricted area status was finally lifted for Assam and Meghalaya in the 1990s, subsequently giving birth to a fairly new tourism industry looking forward to realizing its true potential. However, Assam still has a long way to go in order to establish itself as a foremost tourist destination, although it possesses everything that is required to develop as a leader, including one of the most hospitable people.

Assam State Museum

Founded in 1940 by the Assam Research Society, as a nucleus for collection and assembly of a largely archeological memorabilia, along with sections devoted to epigraphy, numismatics, and iconography, the Assam State Museum is located near Dighali Pukhuri, and is a 10-minutes walk from the Guwahati Railway Station. One of the biggest multipurpose museums in the country, the collections within the museum include archeological, wooden, ivory, bell-metal objects, terracotta, pith, tribal objects and dioramas of tribal life.

Tai Ahom Museum

Situated on the west bank of Sibsagar Tank, the Tai Ahom Museum was founded and opened for visitors since 1972. Beautifully showcasing the richness of the Ahom Kingdom, history and its culture, this museum features some extremely rare objects of a historical past. The Ahoms were a Buddhist Tai tribe which ruled the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam between the 13th and the 18th centuries. Presently under the control of the Government of Assam State, the Tai Ahom Museum provides an excellent opportunity to peep into a great historic past.

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