Music and Dance in Hong Kong

You can clearly see the Buddhist culture in the music and dance in Hong Kong. Music and dance is an integral part of lifestyle of the people. The people living in the region believe in preserving their cultural heritage and hence they give a lot of importance to music and dance in Hong Kong.

At many occasions such as weddings and other festive celebrations Hong Kong music and dance are play an important role in celebrations and preparations. Many folk singers and dancers perform during special ceremonies.

Many companies such as City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra are known for their electric performance. These companies have taken Hong Kong music and dance to various parts of the world.

Now the music and dance of Hong Kong is so famous and popular that the region is organizing salsa dance festival in 2007. All those who are interested to know about the culture of the region must not miss a chance to attend this cultural event.

Even though Hong Kong is now a cosmopolitan city that has many modern facilities for its entertainment still music and dance in Hong Kong are popular. Tourists on Hong Kong tours must see and listen to various forms music and dance in Hong Kong to know more about culture of the region.

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