Music and Dance of Saudi Arabia

The culture of a land is largely assayed through the music and dance of the particular country. The Music and Dance of Saudi Arabia is an essential part of the Culture of Saudi Arabia. It is as ancient and rich as the History of Saudi Arabia. Like the unique Arts and Crafts of Saudi Arabia and the wonderful Architecture of Saudi Arabia the dance and the music too are quintessentially derived from the Bedouin culture.
Bedouin poets used to chant enchanting verses to which the Bedouin girls used to match their steps. This gave birth to a very lively dance form. The national dance of the Saudi Arabian people is the men’s swords dance. This is popularly known as ardh. In this dance the men wear traditional garb and carry a sword which they flaunt, wave and bandy to the rhythm of the music. It originated in the Najd region of Saudi Arabia. This is among one of the most ancient forms of Music and Dance of Saudi Arabia.
Music and Dance in Saudi Arabia in Asia comprises of about 50 folk dances and an innumerable variety of classical music. One such dance is the al-shiba folk dance which is a unique blend of the Andalusian, Arab and the Spanish dance techniques. This is typical of the Hijaz region. Another traditional dance and music is the al-mizar that is performed usually in Mecca, Medina and Jeddah. Tourists can watch the traditional Music and Dance of Saudi Arabia during the Saudi Arabia Festivals & Events.
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