Music in Goa

In Goa, music flows in the veins of the people there. A person does not need an occasion to break into a song. Be it a festival, wedding, birthday party, or just friends meeting over a cup of tea, music rules every occasion. The traditional music of Goa has acquired some elements from western music also. This was because of the Portuguese rule in this state for two centuries. The folk music of Goa though still retains its charm and identity and at the same time, smoothly blends the western tunes and pitches. Over the years, the Goan trance music has gained popularity among the crowds.

Goa is almost synonymous with trance music and one can see many trance parties taking place on the beaches of Goa.

Mando – One of the most popular forms of traditional Goan music is known as Mando. This music is usually sung to a dance and is usually sung in a chorus. Mando is the preferred style of music for a wedding party it is said to have evolved from ballroom dancing that was in vogue here during the nineteenth century.

Ovi – Ovi is a popular form of music that is sung during weddings by the womenfolk present there. This kind of folk music is sung during a ritual in which coconut milk is applied in small quantities on the bride and groom as a symbol of prosperity in terms of material wealth and family. The songs that are sung usually revolve around the theme of a happy life ahead with a bright future.

Suvari – The Suvari is a popular form of folk as well as traditional music that forms an integral part of festivals and religious occasions.

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